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  • Hardware & Networking

  • Diploma in Java Technologies

  • Diploma in .Net
  • Diploma in Finance&
  • Accouting with Tally ERP.9
  • PHP with MySQL
  • Courses in Oracle 
  • Edgeineers Course
  • Course in Digital Marketing
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    • Technology Specializations & Certifications
    Our education centers at Patna are certified to be one of the BEST in the country and the same has the starting place for thousands of well established people in many multinational companies. We are also the oldet educational centre in the eastern part of the country and have been operating for the last 21 years in this city. We have conducted IT education Programmes for various central as well as state government departments and corporates like FCI, NTPC, Reliance, Idea, Coca Cola, Ranbaxy, Pfizer, Uco- Bank, SBI, Nokia, Land Reforms depts., TRP etc.

    Faculty :
    "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy.
    In creative expressions & knowledge."
    ---Albert Einstein

    Most of our faculties are having the technology certification and training like MicroSoft, Oracle, Sun Micro System Certification. Industry treats global certification as a bench mark for evaluating your knowledge on these technologies.

    Teaching Methodology :
    Students first get an opportunity to observe their instructor (emulating an expert) solve the problem, and then solve the problem on their own under his guidance. Finally, they practice on their own until they master the required skills.

    Model-Centered Learning Architecture :
    This is a revolutionary approach to instructor-led classroom learning evolved by NIIT's R & D. Research over the years has shown that students learn best from an expert who serves as a role model, especially when the learning objectives are clearly defined in the context real life problem scenarios and situations. MCLA exposes the student to case studies and specific problem settings drawn from the industry. These scenarios serve as the backdrop for problem discussions and collaborative problem solving.